Since 2013 the VU-choir officially is an association. Therefore, the choir has a board and several committees to make sure that everything runs smoothly. This is done on a voluntary basis. As a member, you have the opportunity to join the choir board or one of its committees. Not only is this a much appreciated contribution to the choir, but it is also a lot of fun to do and a valuable experience. A few times a year there is a general members meeting, in dutch ‘Algemene Leden Vergadering’ (ALV). Here, all members have the opportunity to let their voices be heard, even if you don’t have a rol in the board or one of the committees.

Below, the members of the current board, Koordaat, introduce themselves.

Chairman: Marjolijn

Hi, my name is Marjolijn Stam, I am 23years old and study Business Analytics at the VU. I ‘m originally from Arnhem/Velp and sang in the same choir since 2002. Once I moved to Amsterdam, the long traveling time for rehearsals got not fun quickly. So, I went looking for a new choir in Amsterdam and that’s how I ended up in the VU-choir in september 2017.  As chairman it is my responsibility to maintain overview of all things in the choir, represent the organisation and be the key point of contact. I want to ensure well visibility for the choir, which is why I have taken the design of the website on me. In particular, go vist the ‘concert history’ page where you can listen to short fragments of recent concerts!

Marjolijn Stam VU-koor

Secretary: Hans-Dieter

Hi, I’m Hans-Dieter Hiep, secretary of the VU-koor (2018/2019), and I’m fascinated by classical music. I’m a dreamer, always looking for deep connections and I feel united those who she the same love for music.

Treasurer: Robert

Hey, I’m Robert, the current treasurer of the VU choir. I originally moved to the Netherlands as a part of my Ph.D. studies in theoretical chemistry, and joined the VU choir in 2017, not only for the music, but also to meet some nice new people here. As the treasurer I get to do all the fun and exciting things involving money: Paying our bills, collecting the contributions, and general bookkeeping. I also keep the register of choir members and a watchful eye on our financial situation. When I’m not singing, or sleeping on our hoarded treasures, I also like to play some traditional irish music!

General board member: Maartje

Hi, I am Maartje Post and I am 24 years old. Last summer, I graduated from my Research Master Linguistics. Currently, i am looking for a nice, language-minded job. In my free time, I like to do creative and musical activities. That’s why I joined the VU-choir. Besides musical, our choir is also really social. We organise nice activities and twice a year we go on our famous rehearsal weekends. This year my role in the board will be keeping in contact with donors and sponsors and applying for public funds.

General board member: Jeske

Hi, I’m Jeske. Since 2018 I sing alto in the choir. Back then I had joined an open rehearsal out of sheer curiosity, unsuspecting that I would stick around for the long run and even join the board soon after! No regrets as of yet. As a general board member, I direct the committees that deal with two very important matters: organising fun activities (because, well, there’s lots of stuff you can do with your fellow choir members beside singing). And publicity, so that everyone may know of our existence!


They give extra dimension to the choir

The board of the VU-choir is supported in its organisation and proceedings by several active members. Different committees exists that are concerned with specific tasks and subjects.

The committees that are active at the moment:

  • music committee
  • program committee
  • presidium 
  • advice committee
  • audit committee
  • publicity committee
  • activities committee 
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