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The VU-choir outside the concert hall

The VU-choir is also active outside the concert hall. This page gives a short overview of the activities we did outside the concert hall.

Through the years, the VU-choir repeatedly performed for the radio. In 1982, the choir even made the Danish radio in a live broadcasting of the Holland Festival in 1982.
In December of 1989, the choir was on Radio Noord-Holland with their performance of Orff’s Carmina Burana. In 1991, we made the most famous Dutch classical music station Radio 4 with Britten’s War Requiem

Besides radio emissions, there are various LPs and CDs. In 1970 the Kronungsmesse by Mozart was recorded on LP and two other LPs followed
The rector of the VU wanted to bring out a LP of the choir as a business gift in 1980. The board soon got involved in this project. However, it took five more years before the project was finished in 1985.

The choir made recordings of the concerts. In the first years, the recordings were made by a choir members, but later on professionals were hired. Members could buy the recordings on tape (before 2000) and CD (after 2000).
In 1995, a professional CD of all musical organizations of the VU was presented. On this double CD, the VU-choir is represented with a recording of a modern piece “Of Man” by Willem Woestenberg.
The male members of the choir recorded a CD with Gregorian Chant in 2008. Specifically, they sang the Antifonaria of the Wilhelmieten, a monastic order residing in Den Bosch. The original partition of this chant from the 16th century was restored in 2008 and soon after presented by the VU-choir.

From 2020 on, the VU-koor also has their own Spotify page, on which a recording of concerts from Fauré’s Requiem from November 2019 and other pieces will be posted.

In 1989, the VU-choir acted in the video “Memento”. This was a video for a campaign by Amnesty International, that spoke out against the death penalty. The recordings were made in Utrecht in the event hall Jaarbeurs.

In July 2019 the VU-koor were a part of the music theatre performance “Amadeus” based on the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri, as pictured in the 1984 film by Milos Forman. The production was a collaboration between the National Theatre, Opera2Day and the Theateralliantie and was directed by Theu Boermans. The VU-koor joined the production to perform small pieces from both Mozarts as Salieri’s Requiem. They performed for 5 shows at the DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam.

Concert trips outside the Netherlands
In the spring of 1994 and 1995, the VU-choir travelled to Düsseldorf, Germany to give a concert. The members stayed with members of the German Uni-chor. The programmes of these two occasions were different.
In December of 1997 the choir went to Germany again and a few months later the Uni-chor visited the Netherlands, where the two choirs did a joined concert in the Waalse Kerk.

1995 was a good year for foreign tours. Apart from the German tour, the choir also went on concert trip to the Czech Republic. On the invitation of the VU-orchestra, the choir joined the “Festival of Student Orchestras” in Prague. The choir sang “The Nun’s priest tale”by Gordon Jacob. Brno was also visited for a concert.

In January of 2007 the choir went abroad again to northern France. In Caen, Normandy, the choir gave a concert on the invitation of the Choeur et Orchestre d’Universitée de Caen Basse-Normandie. The programme contained Alexander Nevsky by Prokovjev and Magnificat by John Rutter. The visit was also used as a cultural trip. The choir went to Bayeux for the Bayeux Tapestry that imaged William the Conqueror. The choir members also paid a visit a to the D-Day Landing Beaches.

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