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Stravinsky's Mass

The VU-choir sings! On Saturday the 15th of December 2018, you can come and enjoy a performance of the VU-choir in collaboration with the VU-Chamber Orchestra.

Location: Vrijburg Kerk Amsterdam
Start: 20:00, entrance from 19:30
Tickets: available on the website or at the entrance (see link below)

Stravinsky’s Mass:
VU-choir & VU-Chamber Orchestra, led by Annemiek van de Ven.

Choral Variations – ‘Von Himmel Hoch da komm ich Herr’ – Stravinsky:
VU-choir & VU-Chamber Orchestra, led by Harry Vorselen.

Symphony no.3 – Schumann:
VU-Chamber Orchestra, led by Harry Vorselen.

Click here for tickets and more information.

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Johannes Passion

We are happy to announce that the VU-choir will be performing the acclaimed Johannes Passion in Amsterdam on saturday the 13th of April 2019. After the success of the concert in 2015, the choir wanted to do the project again another time, both for existing members to repeat as well as to give new members the opportunity to do it for the first time. This ambitious project, featuring 6 soloists and the Promenade Orchestra, promises to result in an impressive concert.

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