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Singing in the VU-choir

Sing with us!
Would you like to come and sing in VU-koor? Great! At the beginning of each academic year we have three open rehearsals. Then, we have three open rehearsals at another moment in the year, mostly in januari. These are the two moments you can join. However, If you have just missed the open rehearsals and would still like to join, that is possible. Send an email to info@vukoor.nl and receive a detailed email in December regarding all informatie about the upcoming open rehearsals of the:

7th, 14th and 21st of Januari 2019 

All rehearsals take place at De Griffioen – Uilenstede (Amstelveen), from 19:30 to 21:45.
More information about membership can be found via the link below.

Guest singers

Every now and then we re-do a project that has been previously done by the choir. If such a project happens to be a big one, we allow guest singers to sing along at the concert. Often, these are former members. However, if you are familiar with the project despite never having been a member of the VU-choir, you are also welcome to join in. For a small fee guest singers can join the last few rehearsals and the general rehearsal, and sing along at the concert. Our performance of Petite Messe Solennelle by Rossini, for instance, featured five guest singers. This year we will do another project in which guest singers can participate: the Johannes Passion, which we will perform on the 14th of april 2019. Guest singers will have to audition in advance. Afterwards they will attend the last 5 rehearsals before the concert and the dress rehearsal in addition. Would you like to join in with this performance and have you done the piece before? Send us an email at info@vukoor.nl. Are you still pondering and do you want to stay updated?

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