Amsterdams studentenkoor Amsterdam student choir

Singing in the VU-koor

The “VU” in VU-koor stands for its connection with the Vrije Universiteit, but the name also stands for “Verenigd Universiteit Koor”, which means “United University Choir”. This conveys that anyone can join our choir, no matter what university, academy or college they study at. In fact, even non-students are welcome! Whether you’ve enjoyed a complete musical education or just want to see if singing is your cup of tea, you’re welcome with us. Are you looking for a nice activity next to your study or work, lots of fun, and not least of all a lot of musicality? Want to come and sing in our choir? Send an email to 


On Monday September 6, 13 and 20 2021 we have open rehearsals. We rehearse at the NU-building at the Vrije Universiteit, from 19.30 to 21.45h. These rehearsals are open to anyone, no auditions needed.

Because of the current health crisis we are trying as much as possible to follow the RIVM guidelines. If you have any questions contact us at

More information about membership can be found via the link below.koo

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