Summer Concert

Saturday 29 June, in the evening, the VU choir will perform the last concert of this choir year in the Vrijburg Church in Amsterdam. This concert represents the start of a beautiful summer. Visitors will listen to a diverse musical program of the choir. Also, mezzo-soprano, and former VU choir member, Sterre Kooi will perform beautiful solos. Below is the full program:

Pastime with good company – Henry VIII
Ständchen – F. Schubert
Introitus & Lacrimosa – W. A. Mozart
Multiple pieces from “Venezia” (1901) – R. Hahn
Kyrie & De Profundis – A. Salieri
Sommarpsalm – W. Åhlen
“Au pays où se fait la guerre” (1869) – H. Duparc
“Chanson triste” (1868) – H. Duparc
The Sally Gardens – B. Britten
Das klinget so herrlich – W. A. Mozart
Marianne – Trad. Arr. P. Wilby

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Welcome to the VU-choir!

The VU-choir is a big and diverse Amsterdam student choir. All music-loving students are welcome, regardless of voice type and level of experience. Each academic year, we have weekly rehearsals in order to perform several beautiful concerts. In recent years, we’ve performed pieces such as Petite Messe Solennelle by Rossini, Brahms’s Requiem, the Ceremony of Carols by Britten and the Johannes Passion by J.S. Bach. Our next concert will be on the 29th of June in Amsterdam. Curious to know more? Click the link below.

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Sing with us!

The “VU” in VU-choir stands for its connection with the Vrije Universiteit, but the name also stands for “Verenigd Universiteit Koor”, which means “United University Choir”. This conveys that anyone can join our choir, no matter what university, academy or college they study at. In fact, even non-students are welcome! Whether you’ve enjoyed a complete musical education or just want to see if singing is your cup of tea, you’re welcome with us. Are you looking for a nice activity next to your study or work, lots of fun, and not least of all a lot of musicality? Want to come and sing in our choir? Send an email to 

29th of April at 19:30 at ‘de Griffioen’, Uilenstede 106

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Several times a year we have the pleasure of finally putting rehearsal into practice and give a beautiful concert. Want to find out more about our upcoming concerts? Click the link below.

VU-choir has been around since 1955. Now, years later, we have a rich history of concerts and performances. Curious about the projects in previous years? Click the link below, where you can also listen to sound clips of recent concerts.

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