Since 2013 the VU-choir officially is an association. Therefore, the choir has a board and several committees to make sure that everything runs smoothly. This is done on a voluntary basis. As a member, you have the opportunity to join the choir board or one of its committees. Not only is this a much appreciated contribution to the choir, but it is also a lot of fun to do and a valuable experience. A few times a year there is a general members meeting, in dutch ‘Algemene Leden Vergadering’ (ALV). Here, all members have the opportunity to let their voices be heard, even if you don’t have a rol in the board or one of the committees.

Below, the members of the current board introduce themselves.

Chairman: Iris

My name is Iris and I am the chairman of the board. I have been singing in choirs for a long time since childhood. After moving to The Netherlands I really wanted to continue with this passion. Fortunately, an ex-colleague of mine recommended me to join the VU choir, and I immediately decided to stay after one open rehearsal! My voice group is soprano 2. I am currently working in a consultancy company after my master’s studies in economics and management. My hobbies are singing, hiking, camping and snowboarding.

Secretary: Wing ka

My name is Wing Ka and I am the secretary of the VU-Koor. My voice group is alto 2 and I joined the VU-koor in November 2021. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to contribute more to the team and be more involved to members and the choir itself. Before the VU-Koor, I used to sing in the pop choir for several years. Besides singing, I love science and I am doing research on Multiple Sclerosis disease. My hobbies are travelling, reading books and playing the violin.

Treasurer: Sophie

My name is Sophie and I joined the choir in 2021. I was looking for a classical choir that would accept beginners like me, and I passed by a poster promoting the open rehearsals. I found it amazing to be able to join without having to do an audition first, and I also liked the atmosphere from the beginning. Besides, we were going to sing Verdi’s Requiem! I joined the board in 2022 as treasurer. It is a challenging but also interesting experience. I sing soprano 2, or at least I try to. Outside of the choir, I am a postdoc in computational linguistics and software engineer for the faculty of Humanities of the VU. I have two children aged 9 and 13, and I like playing board games with them when I have the chance.

General board member: Mariachiara

My name is Mariachiara and I am a general board member. I joined the choir in November 2021 because I was looking for a new choir after moving to The Netherlands. Before this, I spent many years in Italian choirs. My voice group is soprano 1. My board role started with the organization of the choir weekend last November. I am studying biology, following the master’s track Ecology and Evolution. Currently I am doing a major in Science Communication at the VU. My hobbies are singing, gardening, taking care of animals (I am volunteering on a farm) and baking (vegan baking).

General board member: Dave

My name is Dave and I am a general member of the board. I joined the choir in September 2022 and my board role started with the stage setup of the November 2022 concert. I started looking for a choir with the longing to make music together with other poeple, instead of playing the guitar as a solo instrument. The choir turned out to offer much more than that, and I started to like the singing more than I imagined, as if learning a new instrument altogether. My voice group is bass 2. I am currently finishing up my PhD on forest fires, while doing some short-term follow-up research work. Some of my hobbies are playing the classical guitar, hiking, cycling, and reading.


They give extra dimension to the choir

The board of the VU-choir is supported in its organisation and proceedings by several active members. Different committees exists that are concerned with specific tasks and subjects.

The committees that are active at the moment:

  • music committee
  • program committee
  • presidium 
  • advice committee
  • audit committee
  • publicity committee
  • activities committee 
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