Hiring the VU-choir

Besides the membership contribution fees, of whom most are students, the VU-choir gets its income from grants. In order to realize our projects, we are also regularly asked to perform in a small setting on location. An example is our small concert during the Christmas celebration at the VU.

We can therefore be hired to perform at weddings, receptions and other events. Are you looking for musical entertainment for a modest fee? Do not hesitate and contact us at bestuur@vukoor.nl.

Collaborating with the VU-choir

The VU-choir has already worked with many other associations. For example, in 2018 we performed the Nelson Mass by Haydn in collaboration with the Sweelinck orchestra and in December 2018 we will perform with VU chamber orchestra. If you’re interested in a collaboration with the VU-choir, please contact us at bestuur@vukoor.nl.

Our full list of completed projects can be seen here:

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