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Friends of the VU-choir

Since 2014, the VU-choir has a core group of sponsors, people that are fond of and support the choir and loyally attend our concerts.

Would you like to support the VU-choir?
For a fixed amount per year or with a one time only donation you can support the VU-choir financially. You can sign up to donate for undetermined time, with which you help ensure that the VU-choir can continue organising beautiful concerts for years to come. This, of course, can be cancelled every year. You can also decide to make a single one time donation, which makes you officially a donator for one year. By becoming a donator you receive a couple of specific benefits.

What do you receive by supporting us?
Each donator is ensured of the best seats during our concerts. Also your fellow concert visitors will benefit of these nice seats. Each donation is welcome. For each 25 euro donated (per year) you will receive one free ticket for one of our concerts in a year. So, a donation of 50 euros will give you two free tickets, and so on. As donator, you will receive up to date information about our concerts and other activities.

How can you become a donator?
To become a donator for the VU-choir you can sign up in the form below. We will then be in touch to ask for further information and potentially some other questions. Do you have any question? Send an email to acquisiteurvukoor@gmail.com.

The account number (IBAN) of the VU-choir is: NL44 RABO 0109 0916 71 to Verenigd Universiteitkoor

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    Soon more information will be put here about our sponsors.

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